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Yearly Archives: 2012

Chinese Festivals & Festive Food

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There are many festivals in the Chinese calendar but only eight (8) major festivals are being celebrated because of their significance and also widely practiced by Chinese communities living in East Asia and other parts of the world.

The beginning of the New Year for the Chinese is based on the lunar calendar and usually falls in late January or February. This is the biggest festival of the year is:

Chinese Lunar New Year (Chun Jie)

Chinese New Year is also known as “Spring Festival”. It is a very auspicious day and a major holiday for the Chinese in the large part of East Asia like China, Indo-Asia and South East Asian countries and Chinese communities around the world. The celebration is for 15 days. Each year the date for Chinese New Year keeps changing. Well, the Chinese calendar is a combination solar/lunar calendar, based on exact astronomical calculations of the new moon and the longitude of the sun.

The traditional New Year dishes are:

Chap Chai T’ng (Mixed Vegetable Soup),
Kiam Chai Ark, (Salted Vegetable & Duck Soup),
Buddha’s Delight (Assorted Vegetables with Black Moss),
Fatt Choy Pig’s Trotter (Good Luck & Prosperity),
Nian Nian You Yu – literally translated to Every Year with Abundance/Surpluses (Steamed Fish),
Deep Fried Golden Glutinous Rice Ball (symbolizes wealth & good luck),
Spring Rolls (Chunzhuan) – representing gold bullion,
Fried Noodles – close ties and longevity,
Teochew Steamed Fish – symbolize togetherness,
Oysters (Haosi) – In Chinese the word homonym “Good Things” so the dish is Prosperity Oysters with Mushroom and Fried meat balls – reunion and togetherness,
Chrysanthemum Yee Sang (Everyone’s Birthday),
Nian Gao (New Year Cake) and
Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake.

Qing Ming Jie (All Soul’s Day)
The dead are not forgotten and with Confucian teachings of respect for one’s elders. This is celebrated in the third month of the lunar calendar. Families will visit their departed love ones graves to pay respects and offering. During this offering, the families will bring Roast Chicken, Huat Kuih or Bee Koh and fruits.

Duan Wu Jie (Dumpling Festival /Dragon Boat Festival)

This festival is always celebrated on the Fifth day of the Fifth Lunar Calendar. It is a summer festival and Puah Kiam Tee Chang (Sweet & Salty Glutinous Rice Dumpling, Bak Chang (Salty Pork Glutinous Rice Dumpling) and Kee Chang (Alkaline Glutinous Rice Dumpling) are made to celebrate the occasion. There is a story behind all this is goes like…

Zhong Yuan Jie (Festival of the Hungry Ghost)

The Chinese believed that on the 15th of the seventh lunar month, the gates of Hades are opened once a year for a month and the spirits are allowed to roam the Earth. During this period, Chinese families will hope that one’s ancestor are not among the spirits is wandering. They will burn “paper money” in front of the house for the wandering spirits. Also during the whole month the Chinese will avoid any marriages or birthdays. In South East Asian countries the Chinese communities will offer offerings to the wandering spirits by celebrating with Opera Shows and prayers and cooked food.

Zhong Qui Jie (Mid-Autumn Festival) or Mooncake Festival
In the 14th century the eating of the mooncakes at Zhong Qiu Jie was that the story was told when Zhu Yuan Zhang planning to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty started by the Mongolians, the rebels hid their messages in the mooncakes. This festive happens in 15th day of the Eight Lunar Calendar (roughly in the month of September). It is a joyous celebration and is traditionally popular month for marriages.

Kiu Ong Ya Festival (Birthday of the Nine Emperor God)

This festive is celebrated between the Fall and Winter months sometime in October. The traditional food serves is Mi Koo (Bun shape of a red tortoise) and Roast Pig.

Tang Chek or Dong Zhi (“The arrival of winter”)

Tang Chek or Dong Zhi is known as the Thanksgiving of Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is also for the family to get together to celebrate the good year they had and also symbolize the unity and harmony in the family. A sweet dish known as Tang Yuan (Kuih Ee), Glutinous Rice Flour Balls is cooked and offered to the gods and then eaten Tang Yuan signifies that one has successfully completed the year and has grown a year older.

Kitchen God Send-Off Festival
This is the last festival celebrated on the last month of Chinese Lunar Calendar when the Kitchen God, Teh Chu Kong is send off on his annual trip to Heaven to report each individual’s and household’s behavior and activities on earth. So a cake is made to offer to the Kitchen God in the hope of sweetening his report about you and the household. This sweet cake, Ti Kuih (literally means Sweet Cake)which take many hours of steaming.

Other Important Celebrations:

Mua Guak (literally mean Full Moon)

It is celebrated a month after child birth and the first month of the newborn’s life. The Chinese will cook special dishes to be given to relatives and friends to announce the new addition to the family. The dishes are Ang Ku Kuih (literally means Red Tortoise Cake), Red colored hardboiled eggs and Nasi Kunyit (Yellow Rice) with Chicken Curry. The shapes of the Ang Ku Kuih also symbolizes whether the birth of a boy or a girl. If the birth is a boy the Ang Ku Kuih will shape into a round or tortoise-shaped and is a girl then it will shape into a peach-shaped but in today world the goodies might be cupcakes or sliced cakes packed into individual boxes and the Ang Ku Kuih will be shaped in oval or tortoise shape regardless of the sex.

Wedding Tea Ceremony
On this day, the dishes are served to all the relatives are Hwoen Kuih, Kow Chan Kuih, Nasi Lemak, Kiam Chai Te Kut/Ark, Chicken Curry, Chai Tau Kuay, Loh Bak, Steamed Fish, Assorted Vegetables with mushroom, Fried Chicken and many more.

Glossary for South East Asian Cuisine

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English Malay Chinese
Dried black dates Kurma hitam Kering Hei Zao
Dried red dates Kurma merah kering Hong Zao
Dried cutterfish Sotong kering Mo Yu Gan
Dried duck Itik kering La Ya
Dried flat fish Ikan sebelah kering Bi Mu Yu Gan
Dried Lily buds Lily kering tunas Ji Zhun
Dried octopus Sotong kering Zhang Yu Gan
Dried orange peel Kulit limau manis kering Gan Chen Pi
Dried oysters Tiram kering Hao Gan
Dried prawns Udang kering Xia Gan
Dried salted vegetable Sayoh asin kering Mei Cai
Dried Seaweed Rumput laut kering Fa Cai
Dried squid Sotong You Yu
Dried wax gourd Gula kundor manis Dong Gua Tang
Dried vegetable Sayoh kering Cai Gan
Dried Longan meat Lengkeng kering daging Yuan Rou
Dried bean curd skins Kulit tahu Fu Pi
Dried bean curd strips Perut tahu Fu Zhu
Preserved black soy bean Tau si Dou Chi
Preserved Chili black soy bean cube Tau Si Chili Dou Chi La Jiao Jiang
Preserved salted soy bean Taucheo Dou Jiang
Preserved red soy bean cube Tau Ju Rou Ru
Preserved Chinese apricot Apricot kering Suan Mei
Preserved soy bean cube Hu Ju Fu Ru
Preserved dates Kurma Mi Zao
Preserved radish Lobak jerok Cai Pu
Preserved sweet ginger Halia manis Suan Tian Jiang
Preserved sweet red ginger Halia merah manis Suan Tian Hong Jiang
Preserved vegetable Sayoran jerok Dong Cai
Preserved tofu (stinky) Diawetkan tahu Chou Dou Fu
Barracuda Ikan Alu Sha Jun Yu
Black pomfret Ikan Bawal Hita Hei Chang Yu
Black trevally Ikan Deban Zhi Xian Yu
Catfish Ikan Duri Cheng Yu
Carp Ikan Gurami (Karp) Li Yu
Chinese pomfret Ikan Bawal Tambak Chang Yu
Chubb mackerel Ikan Kambong Gan Wang Yu
Coral Bream Ikan Asoh Long Zhan Yu
Finless Eel Ikan Belot Shan Yu
Coral fish Ikan Delah Fan Shu Yu
Golden snapper Ikan Ungar Hong Cao Yu
Grass carp Kap rumput Cao Yu
Grey Mullet Ikan Belanak Hei Yu
Grouper Ikan Kerapu Shi Ban Yu
Grunter Ikan Gerut Shi Lu Yu
Hair Tail Ikan Selayu Dai Yu
Herring or Malayan Shad Ikan Terubok Ci Ke Yu
Horse mackerel Ikan Selah Shi Lu Yu
Jew fish Ikan Gelama Wu La Ma yu
Lizard fish Ikan Belungkur Li Ge Yu
Marble gobe Sun Ke Yu
Moonfish Ikan Cermin Zhao Ming Yu
Queen fish Ikan Talang San Bao Gong Yu
Red Goat Fish Biji Nangka Hong Zai Yu
Red snapper Ikan Merah Hong Ki Yu
Round herring/Sardine Ikan Tamban Sha Din
Sea Bream Ikan Kerisi Hong Ge Li
Sea Bass Ikan Siakap
Scad, Big-eyed Ikan Selar Da Mu Long
Scad, Round Ikan Selayang Diao Ying Yu
Shark Ikan Yu Sha Yu
Silver belly Ikan Kledek Ge Ge Yu
Silver carp Lian Yu
Skipjack Ikan Tongkol Yin Yuan Yu
Smelt Ikan Bulus Sha Jian Yu
Snake head Ikan Haruan Sheng Yu
Snapper Ikan Tanda Ji Yu
Sole Ikan Sebelah Bi Mu Yu
Spotted Spanish mackerel Ikan Tenggeri Papan Ma Jiao Pan Yu
Sprat Ikan Tamban Dan Man Yu
Spanish mackerel Ikan Tenggiri Ma Jian Yu
Sting-Ray Ikan Pari Hong Yu
Threadfin Ikan Kurau Wu Yu
Tilapia Tilapia
Torpedo fish/Hard tail Ikan Cencaru Ying Wei Yu
Trevally Ikan Dengkis Bai Du
Tuna fish Tuna Jin Qiang Yu
White bait Ikan Bilis Yin Yu
White pomfret Ikan Bawal Putih Bai Chang Yu
Wolf herring/Dorab Ikan Parang Xi Dao Yu
Yellow (Gold) banded scad Ikan Kuning Kun Ling Yu
Seafood & Others
Abalone Abalone Bao Yu
Blue flowery crab Ketam Renjong Hua Pang Xie
Clam Kupang Da Tou
Cockles Kerang Han
Crayfish Udang besar Xiao Long Xia
Cutterfish Sotong Mo Yu
Fish ball Bola Ikan Yu Wan
Fish fillet Ikan Yu Rou
Fish paste Pes Ikan Yu Jiang
Fish roe Telur Ikan Yu Luan
Frog legs Kaki Kapak Tian Ji Jiao
Land crab Ketam Batu Pang Xie
Lobster Udang Karang Long Xia
Jellyfish Ampai-ampai (Ubur-ubur) Hai Zhe
Oyster Kepah Hao
Prawn Udang Xia
Shrimp Udang kecil
Squid Sotong Wu Zei
English Malay Chinese
Flour Tepong gandum Mian Fen
Black bean powder Tepong kacang hitam Hei Dou Fen
Chickpea flour Besan Ji Jai Dou Fen
Cornflour or Cornstarch Tepong jagung Yu Shu Fen
Glutinous rice flour Tepong pulut Nuo Mi Fen
Green pea flour Tepong hoen kuih Lu Dou Fen
Non-glutinous wheat flour Atta Mai Fen
Rice flour Tepong beras Zhan Mi Fen
Sago flour Tepong sago Sha E Fen
Self-raising flour Tepong naik sendiri Zhi Fa Mian Fen
Tapioca flour Tepong ubi Shu Fen
Tempura flour Tepong Udang Re Ben Xia Fen
Water chestnut flour Tepong Sengkuang Cina Ma Ti Fen
English Malay Chinese
Apricot Buah apricot Huang Mei
Avocado Alpukat Eli
Banana Pisang Xiang Jiao
Blueberry Blueberry Lan Mei
Blackberry Blackberry Hei Mei
Chempedak Chempedak Zhen Mi Li
Cherry Ceri Ying Tao
Coconut Kelapa Ye Zi
Custard Apple/Sugar Apple Gula Epal Shi Jia
Date Kurma Zao
Dragon fruit Buah Naga Huo Long Guo
Duku/Sapodilla Duku
Durian Durian Liu Lian
Grapes Anggur Pu Tao
Guava Jambu biji Fan Shi Liu
Honeydew melon Honeydew melon Mi Gua
Kiwi Kiwi Mi Hou Tao
Winter melon Labu Kundur Dong Gua
Jackfruit Nangka Bo Luo Mi
Langsat Langsat
Local lime Limau Kesturi Suan Gan
Local lemon Limau nipis Ning Meng
Longan Longan Long Yan
Lychee Lychi Li Zhi
Mango Mangga Mang Guo
Mangosteen Manggis San Zhu
Mata Kuching Mata Kuching Ben Di Long Yan
Orange Limau Manis Chen
Papaya Betik Mu Gua
Passion fruit Markisa Bai Xiang Guo
Peach Peach Tao
Pear Pear Li
Pineapple Nanas Bo Luo
Pomegranate Buah Delima Shi Liu
Pomelo Limau Bali You
Rambutan Rambutan Hong Mao Dan
Raspberry Buah raspberry Fu Pen Zi
Plum Plam Mei
Snake fruit Salak
Star fruit Belimbing Yang Tao
Sour star fruit Belimbing Suan Yang Tao
Soursop Durian Belanda Fan Liu Lian
Strawberry Stroberi Mei
Sugarcane Tebu Gan Zhe
Watermelon Melikai Gua
English Malay Chinese
Agar-Agar powder Tepong Agar-Agar Yan Cai Jing
Almond Badam Xing Ren
Almond Essence Esen badam Xing Ren Xiang Jing
Aniseed Jintan Manis Da Hui Xiang
Apricot Jam Apricot Jem Huang Mei
Baking powder Serbuk penaik Fa Fen
Barley Beras barli Yu Mi
Basmati Rice Patna Yin Du Mi
Bird’s nest Sarang burung Yan Wo
Black beans Kachang hitam Hei Dou
Black peppercorn Lada biji hitam Hei Hu Jian Lu
Black shrimp paste Petis Xia Gao
Black vinegar Cuka pekat Hei Cu
Brown sugar Gula Timbang Hei Tang
Butter Mentega Niu You
Candlenuts Buah Keras Ma Jia La
Cardamom Buah pelage Dou Kao
Cashew nuts Biji gajus Yao Zi Dou
Chestnuts Buah Berangan Li Zi
Chickpeas Kacang Cick Ji Jai Dou
Coriander seeds biji-biji ketumber Xiangcai Zhongzi
Bird’s eye chili Chili Padi Zhi Tian Jiao
Dried chili Chili kering La Jiao Gan
Green chili Chili hijau Qing La Jiao
Chili oil Chili minyak La Jiao you
Chili paste Pes chili La Jiao Gao
Chili powder Tepong Chili La Jiao Fen
Chili sauce Chili sos Li Jiao Jiang
Chinese rice wine Mi Jiu
Cinnamon powder Tepong Cinnamon Gui Pi Fen
Cinnamon stick Batang Kulit Kayu Manis Gui Pi
Cloves Bunga cengkih Ding Xiang
Coconut Kelapa Ye Zi
Coconut creme Kreme Kelapa Guan Tou Ye Zhi
Coconut milk Ye Zhi
First milk Pati Ye Zhi
Second milk Santan Ye Zhi
Coffee powder Tepong Kopi Ka Fei Fen
Condensed milk Susu Pekat Lian Ru
Corn flakes Emping Jagung Yu Shu Pian
Corn oil Minyak Jagung Shu Mi You
Cream of Tartar Kerim Tartar Da Da Jiang
Whipped Cream Kerima
Cumin Jintan Putih Xiao Hui Xiang
Curry powder Tepong Kari Ga Li Fen
Dark soy sauce Kicap Hei Jiang You
Light soy sauce Kicap Jiang Qing
Dried black dates Kurma Hitam Kering Hei Zao
Dried red dates Kurma Merah Kering Hong Zao
Dhal Kacang dal Yin Du Pian Dou
Dried Lily buds Lily Kering Tunas Jin Zhen
Dried orange peel Kulit limau manis kering Gan Chen Pi
Dried salted vegetable Sayoh asin kering Mei Cai
Dried seaweed Rumput Laut Kering Fa Cai
Egg Telur Dan
Century egg Telur awitan Pi Dan
Chicken egg Telur ayam Ji Dan
Duck egg Telur itik Ya Dan
Salted egg Telur asin Xian Dan
Quail egg Telur Burung Puyoh A Cun Dan
Egg white Putih telur Dan Bai
Egg yolk Kuning telur Dan Huang
Evaporated milk Susu Sejat Xian Nai
Fennel seed Jintan hitam Hui Xiang Zi
Fenugreek Halba Hui Xiang Hua
Fish curry powder Tepong Kari Ikan Ga Li Yu Fen
Fish sauce Kicap Ikan Yu Lu
Five spice powder Srbuk Lima Rempah Wu Xiang Fen
Fragrant rice Beras Xiang Fen
Galangal Lengkuas Lan Jian
Garlic Bawang Putih Suan Tou
Gelatine Gelatin Guo Dong
Ghee Minyak Sapi Niu You
Ginger Halia Jiang
Gingko nuts Peck Kway Bai Guo
Glutinous rice Pulut Nuo Mi
Green bean paste Pes Kacang Hijau Lu Dou Geng
Green bean Kacang hijau Lu Dou
Groundnut/Peanut Kacang Tanah Hua Sheng
Groundnut/Peanut oil Minyak Kacang Tanah Hua Shen You
Hoisin Sauce Hoisin sos Hai Xing Jiang
Honey Madu Feng Mi
Indonesian black nuts Buah Keluak Pa Ce La
Jelly crystals Jelly Guo Zi Dong
Lee & Perrins Worchestershire Sauce Lee & Perrins Worchestershire
Lemon essence Esen Limau Kuning Ning Meng Xiang Jing
Lentils Kacang dal Yin Du Pian Dou
Lime paste Limau kesturi Suan Gan
Lotus seed Buah teratai Lian Zi
Lotus seed paste Pes Buah Teratai Lian Rong
Macaroni Macaroni Tong Xin Fen
Margarine Marjarin Cai You
Marmalade Jem Limau Manis Chen Pi Jiang
Mayonnaise Mayonis Sha Lu You
Monosodium Glutamate Serbok Perasa Wei Jing
Black dried fungus Cendawan Telinga Tikus hitam Hei Mu Er
Chinese black dried mushrooms Cendawan Hitam Kering Mu Er
Cloud ear fungus Cendawan Telinga Tikus Mu Er
Golden fungus Cendawan Telinga Tikus Kuning Huang Mu Er
White dried fungus Cendawan Telinga Tikus Putih Xian Cao Gu
Mushroom soy sauce Kicap Cendawan Cao Gu Jiang
Mustard Kerim Mustard Jie Mo
Mustard seeds Biji sawi Jie La Zi
Nutmeg Buah pala Dou Kao
Oats Oat Mai Pian
Oyster sauce Kepah Hao You
Palm sauce Gula Melaka Ye Tang
Pearl barley Beras barli Yi Mi
Peanut Kacang Tanah Hua Sheng
Peanut Butter Jem Kacang Tanah Hua Sheng Jiang
Black pepper Lada Hitam Hei Hu Jiao
White pepper Lada Putih Bai Hu Jiao
Pepper powder Tepon Lada Putih Hu Jiao Fen
Peppercorn Lada biji Hu Jiao Li
Pimentoes Buah Zaitan Gan Lan
Pineapple Jam Jem nanas Feng Li Jiang
Plum sauce Plam sos Mei Jiang
Poppy seed Biji Kas-Kas Ying Li Zi
Pumpkin seeds Kua ci Lan Gua Zi
Raisins Buah Kismis Pu Tao Gan
Red beans Kacang Merah Hong Dou
Rice Beras Mi
Rock sugar Gula Batu Bing Tang
Rose essence Esen ros Mei Gui Xiang Jing
Rose water Air ros Mei Gui Xiang Shui
Saffron Safron Huang Jiang
Sago Sago Biji Sha E Mi
Salt Asin Yan
Salted cabbage Kobis Asin Mei Cai
Salted lemon Limau Asin Xian Ning Meng
Salted plum Plam Asin Xian Mei
Salted preserved mustard Sawi Asin Xian Cai
Sesame oil Minyak Bijian Ma You
Sesame seed Bijian Zhi Ma
Sesame paste Kicap Bijan Zhi Ma Jiang
Shallots Bawang Merah Kechil Xiao Yang Cong
Sherry Sherry
Shrimp paste Belacan Ba La Jian
Soy sauce Kicap Jiang You
Japanese bean curd Tahu Jepon Re Ben Dou Fu
Soft soy bean cake Tahu Lembik Dou Fu
Soy bean cake Taukwa Dou Fu Gan
Sweet dried bean curd strip Perut tahu manis Tian Dou Fu Zhu
Yellow soy bean cake Tahu Kuning Huang Dou Gan
Spring roll wrappers Kulit popiah Bao Ping Pi
Fermented soy bean cakes Tempeh Fe Jio Huang Dou
Fried spongy soy bean cubes Tahu Kering Dou Fu Pao
Star anise Bunga Lawang Ba Jiao
String hoppers Putu Mayam
Sunflower seed Biji Bunga Matahari Xiang Re Kui Zi
Brown sugar Gula Timbang Huang Tang
Castor sugar Gula Kastor Si Bai Tang
Granulated sugar Gula Pasir Sha Tang
Icing sugar Gula Icing Tang Xuang
Rock sugar Gula Batu Bing Tang
Slab sugar Gula Emping Pian Tang
Tamarind Assam A Shen
Tamarind juice Air Assam A Shen Shui
Tamarind paste Pes Assam A Shen Jiang
Tamarind slices Assam Gelugor A Shen Pian
Tomato sauce Fan Qie Jiang
Tomato paste Fan Qie Jiang
Turmeric Kunyit Huang Jiang
Vanilla essence Esen Vanilla Xiang Jing
Black vinegar Cuka Pekat Hei Cu
Red vinegar Cuka Merah Hong Cu
Sweet vinegar Cuka Manis Tian Cu
White vinegar Cuka Putih Bai Cu
White wine Mi Jiu
Yeast Ragi Jiao Bing
Yogurt Tairu Fa Jiao Niu Nai

Indian Spices Glossary

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Glossary for Indian Spices

Indian Names                                 English
Ajwain                                           Carom Capticum or Bishop’s Weed
Amchur/Amchoor                             Mango Powder
Anardana                                       Pomegranate Seeds
Adrakh                                          Ginger
Ajmoda                                         Parsley
Bari elaichi                                    Large Whole Cardamom
Choti elaichi                                  Green Whole Cardamom
Copra                                           Dried Coconut
Curry Patta                                    Curry Leaf
Dalchini                                        Cinnamon
Degi Mirch                                     Paprika
Dhania                                         Coriander powder
Dhania Saboot                              Coriander Seeds
Garam Masala                               Mixed Spices
Gulab & Kewra                       Essences, Rose & Pandan
Gur                                             Jaggery
Guda                                           Coarse Brown Sugar
Hing                                            Asafoetida
Haldi                                           Turmeric
Imli                                             Tamarind
Javitri                                          Mace
Jaiphal                                         Nutmeg
Jeera                                           Cumin Seeds
Kala Namak                                  Rock Salt
Kala Zira                                      Caraway Seeds
Kali Mirch                                     Black Pepper
Kali Tulsi                                      Basil Leaf
Kalonji/Kalaunji                             Nigella Seeds, Onion Seeds
Kesar                                           Saffron
Kasoori Methi                                Dry fenugreek leaves
Kesar                                           Saffron
Khus-Khus                                    Poppy Seeds
Laal Mirch                                     Cayenne
Laung                                          Cloves
Lassun                                         Garlic
Madhu/Shahad                              Honey
Methi dana                                   Fenugreek  Seeds
Moti illaichi                                  Brown cardamom
Munakka                                      Sultanas
Naiyal                                         Coconut
Naiyal Ka Burada                          Desiccated Coconut Flakes
Naiyal Ka Dood                             Coconut Milk
Namak                                        Salt
Nimbu Kachhilka                           Lemon rind
Pahari Pudina                               Spearmint
Pudina                                        Mint
Pyaj                                           Onion
Rai                                             Mustard
Rasam Powder                             Rasam Powder
Saaput Laal Mirch                         Whole Dried Chili Peppers
Safed Mirch                                 Ground White Pepper
Safed Zira                                   White Cumin Seeds
Saunf                                         Aniseed/Fennel Seeds
Saunth/Sonth                              Ginger Powder
Shah Jeera                                  Black Cumin Seeds
Soya                                          Indian Dill
Tamater Pulp                              Tomato Puree
Tatri                                          Citric Acid
Tel                                            Oil
Tejpat                                       Bay leaf
Til                                            Sesame Seeds
Varq                                         Silver leaves
Zira                                          Cumin Seeds
Indian Names                                  English                                   
Alu                                            Potato
Arbi                                           Calocasia (a kind like Taro)
Baigan                                       Eggplant (Brinjal)
Bakain                                       Lilac
Patta Gobhi                                Green Cabbage
Bhindi                                        Okra (Lady’s Finger)
Bhutta                                       Corn
Challi                                         Corn Ear
Chaulai                                      Amaranthus
Chawli Bhaji                               Red Spinach
Chichinda                                   Snake Gourd
Chote Aaloo                               Baby Potatoes
Chote Tamatar                           Cherry Tomatoes
Chukander                                 Beet Root
Dhania Ka Patta                         Cilantro/Coriander Leaves
Flas Beans                                 French Beans
Gajar                                        Carrot
Ganth Gobhi                              Knolkhol
Ghiya                                       Luffa/bottle gourd
Jamikand (Elephant                    Yam
Kacchi Ambi                               Fresh Mango
Kaddu                                      Pumpkin/Marrow
Khira                                        Cucumber
Kakari                                      English Cucumber (Long)
Kama Kakdi/Bhien                      Lotus Stems
Kamrakh                                   Caramubullia
Karela                                      Bittergourd
Kathal                                      Jack fruit
Methi                                       Fenugreek
Muli/Mooli                                 Radish
Muttar                                      Peas
Nimbu                                      Lemon
Palak                                        Spinach
Petha                                       Ash Pumpkin
Phoolgobi                                 Cauliflower
Ratalu (Ordinary)                       Yam
Saaput Hari Mirch                       Whole green chili pepper
Salad Patte                               Lettuce
Sahjan Ki Phali                          Drumsticks
Sarsoan Ka Sag                          Mustard Greens
Sem                                         Bean
Shakarkund                               Sweet Potato
Shalgam                                   Turnip
Simla/Kashmiri Mirch                  Capsicum
Tamatar                                   Tomatoes
Tinda                                       White Gourds
Fruits and Nuts
Indian Names                                  English
Akhrot                                        Walnuts
Alubukhara                                  Red Plum
Alubokhara                                  Indian Prune
Amla                                          Gooseberry
Amrood                                       Guava
Anar                                           Pomegranate
Anjeer                                        Figs
Annanas                                     Pineapple
Aru                                            Peach
Badam                                       Almond
Chicku                                       Sapodilla
Chirphul                                     Teflan (Green Berries)
Dakh                                         Currant
Hara Pyaj                                   Spring Onions
Hara Angoor                               Green Grapes
Kala Angoor                                Black Grapes
Kaju                                          Cashew nuts
Kela                                          Bananas
Khajur/Khajoor                            Dates
Khumi                                        Mushrooms
Kishmish                                    Raisin
Mausambi                                   Sweet Lime
Munakka                                     Big raisin
Mungphali                                   Peanuts/Groundnuts
Nashpati                                     Pear
Papita                                        Papaya
Pishta                                        Pistachio
Seb                                           Apples
Shantara/Santra                          Orange
Sharifa                                       Custard Apple
Sukhi Khajur                               Dry Dates
Tarbuja                                      Water Melon
Rice, Pulses, Lentils and Flour
Indian Names                                  English
Atta                                          Whole Wheat Flour
Basmati Chawval                        Basmati Rice
Besan                                       Gram Flour
Chapati Ka Aata                         Chapati Flour
Channe di dal                             Gram dal
Chivda                                       Rice Flakes
Cholia/Kuthlee                            Horse Gram
Chowly                                      White Kidney Beans
Dhuli Urad dal                            Skinned Split Lentils
Gehu                                         Wheat
Jowar                                        Barley
Kabuli Channe                            Bengal Gram
Lal Rajmah                                Red Kidney Beans
Lobiya                                       Cow Gram
Maida                                       AP Flour
Makai Ka Atta                            Maize Flour
Masur dal                                  Red Lentils
Moong dal                                 Green gram
Moth                                        Brown Beans
Sevai                                       Vermicelli
Suji                                         Semolina
Toovar dal                                Tur dal
Toor dal                                   Split Pigeon Peas
Urad dal                                   Black gram dal
Bajara                                      Pearl Millet
Dairy Product
Indian Names                                  English
Dahi                                          Yogurt
Ghee                                         Clarified Butter
Khoa                                         Whole milk Fudge
Khoya/Mawa                               Dry Condensed Milk
Makhan                                      Butter
Malai                                         Fresh Cream
Paneer                                       Cottage Cheese
Meat, Seafood & Poulry
Indian Names                                  English
Gosht                                              Lamb
Machhi                                             Fish
Murgh                                              Chicken

Baked BBQ Pork (Char Siu) Puff Pastry

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I love this savory pastry very much but never have a change to make them. Two days ago, it happened that it was raining outside and prevented me from going out to check the New York City (especially Manhattan borough). I decided to stay home and bake my BBQ Pork Puffs. View more

Stuffed Fried Tofu

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I am the only person in the family that love tofu cooked in any style. Both my son and husband could not digest tofu View more

Shrimps and Spam Meat Fried Rice

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In Philippines, there are many restaurants just serve Spam meat as a special cuisine. Of course, the Spam is already cooked and you can enhance it with different other meats or vegetables or rice or noodles; View more

Pickled Ginger Slices

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We love pickled ginger slices with our rice cakes, sushi and rolls, Thousand Years Old eggs, steamed fish, shrimps and rice congee. I always find the store-ready bottled pickled ginger sometimes can be too salty and the texture is too soft due to the aging. Well, this dish is so easy to make and also a useful condiments to enhance other dishes. View more

Spicy Taucheo Noodle with Chicken

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This dish is quite similar to Pad Thai except that I cooked it with Taucheo. It is more Peranakan dish than Thai dish. Well, I always like to take one of the common or View more

Fish Head with Sweet & Sour Gravy

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Before I moved to Arkansas and New York City, I cooked this dish for my Asian friends because they all  enjoyed fish heads very much. View more

Garlic Chicken Linguine

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I have been busy cooking after coming back from Arkansas. My son misses View more