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Yearly Archives: 2016

Apricot Cheesecake

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A couple weeks ago before leaving for NYC, we went to Fayetteville to visit our friends and I cooked View more

Lemongrass and Pandan Tea

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Lemongrass is one of my favorite herbs in my cooking. This grass is very popular and commonly to Asian View more

Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood Cioppino

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This is one of our favorite seafood stews. I always like to call this dish as soup because it is very soupy. It is View more

Stir-fry Minced Chicken with Basil and Chili

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This dish is very easy to prep and cook. If you do not like it too hot and spicy, simply omit the ingredient. I prepared this dish for lunch as I was craving for Thai food. Also, in my refrigerator I only had ground chicken and some yard-long bean and the rest of the ingredients are from my pantry. 

I always enjoyed simple and easy dish and glad that I did it. You should give this a try and let me know how was it.




1½ pounds lean minced chicken

6 strings Yard-long bean/1 dozen French beans, cut into 1 inch long

1 small onion, peeled and sliced

2 large jalapeno, stem removed and sliced

1 large green bell pepper, seeded and sliced

1 ½ cups holy basil leaves

6 cloves garlic, peeled and minced

3 tablespoons canola/vegetable/corn oil



1 ½ tablespoon oyster sauce

3 teaspoons dark soy sauce

1½ teaspoons light soy sauce

1½ teaspoons fish sauce

1 tablespoon white cooking wine

½ teaspoon sambal oelek

¾ teaspoon raw sugar/granulated sugar



Heat a wok or frying pan with canola/vegetable/corn oil over medium-high heat. Add minced garlic, sliced jalapeno, sliced onions and sauté until garlic fragrant. Add ground chicken and continuing breaking up the chicken lumps and cook through well.

Add the yard-long bean/French bean pieces, sliced green bell pepper and stirring continuing for a minute or two. Add in oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, fish sauce, white cooking wine, sambal oelek and raw sugar/granulated sugar, stir vigorous until well combined. Toss in the holy basil leaves and stir to combine. Serve the dish with a sunny side up fried egg with steam rice.


Black Forest Ham Sandwich

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There are many ways of making a sandwich with different types of bread. It can be filled with vegetables, roasted View more

Bacon Spam Potato Chowder

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During this time, I always make soups for my husband. Soups are also one of his favorite dishes. This soup is very View more

Spicy Spam Potato Chowder

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This is a very simple and quick soup to have during the Fall and Winter seasons. It is very hearty hot and spicy soup to View more

Common Fishes and Seafood Used in Southeast Asian Countries

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In Bahasa Melayu                     In English Language

Baung                                                Bagrid catfishes

Bawal (hitam and putih)               Pomfret (Black and Silver)

Belanak                                             Mullet

Belut                                                  Eel

Biji Nangka                                      Yellow Goatfish

Cencaru                                            Torpedo Scad

Gelama                                             Croaker

Gerut-gerut                                     Silver Grunter

Haruan                                             Snakehead fish

Ikan Bilis                                          Anchovies

Indian Mackerel                             Kembung/Petaling/Mabung/Temenu

Jelawat                                             Hoven’s carp

Jenahak                                           John’s Snapper

Jolong                                              Halfbeaks

Kacang-kacang                              Barracuda

Kekek                                              Ponyfish

Kelah                                               Mahseer

Keli                                                  Freshwater catfish

Kerapu                                            Grouper

Kerisi                                               Threadfin bream

Kurau                                              Atlantic threadfin

Lampam                                         Java barb

Lolong                                             Bigeye scad

Mayong/Seludu/Duri/Pelotan  Marine catfish

Merah                                             Red snapper

Nyok-nyok                                     Bigeye Trevally

Parang                                            Wolf-Herring

Pari                                                 Stingray

Putih, ebek                                    Diamond Trevally

Puput                                              Chinese herring/Slender shad

Patin                                               Iridescent shark

Pacu                                                Pacu

Puyu                                               Climbing perch

Salmon                                          Atlantic Salmon

Sardine/Tamban                        Sardines/Pilchards

Sebarau                                        Hampala

Sebelah                                         Halibut

Selar Kuning/Pelata                  Scad (Yellowtail, Yellowstripe)

Selangat                                        Gizzard Shad

Selayang                                       Scad (Indian, Shortfin and Mackerel)

Sembilang                                    Eel-tailed Catfish

Senangin                                      Indian Salmon

Sepat                                             Gourami

Siakap                                           Barramundi

Sotong                                          Squid and Octopus

Talang                                          Queenfish

Talapia                                         Tilapia

Terubuk                                       Toli Shad

Tenggiri                                       King Mackerel

Tongkol                                       Kawakawa/Tuna/Bonit

Tongsan                                      Bighead Carp

Udang                                         Prawn and shrimp

Yu                                                Shark

Names for Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs in English and Vietnamese Languages

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Amaranth - Rau Den

Angled gourd/ten-ridged gourd - Muop Khia

Asparagus - Mang Tay

Australian locust - Bo Ket

Baby bok choy/qinggengcai - Cai Thia

Bean sprouts - Gia

Beetroot/red beet - Cu Den

Bitter gourd - Kho Qua/Muop Dang

Bitter leafs - La Lot

Buffalo spinach - Ngo Om

Cabbage - Bap Cai Trang

Cauliflower - Cai Hoa

Carrot - Ca Rot

Cassava/Manioc/Tapioca - Khoai Mi/Cu San

Ceylon Spinach - Mong Toi

Chayote - Trai Su Su, Su Su

Chinese Boccoli – Cai Ro also known as Cai Lan

Chinese cabbage/Chinese Leaves - Cai Thao

Chinese celery - Can Tau

Chinese Spinach/Morning glory/Water spinach - Rau Muong

Chrysanthemum - Cai cuc/Tan O

Corn - Bap

Cucumber - Dua Leo/Dua Chuot

Daikon - Cu Cai Trang

Eggplant/aubergine (white) - Ca Phao

Eggplant/aubergine - Ca Tim

Escarole lettuce - Sa Lach cong (Da Lat) Ca Ron

Fuzzy gourd – Bi Dao

Flower of pumpkin/squash - Bong Bi Do/Bong Bi Ro

Green beans/string beans - Dau Que

Green pepper/sweet pepper - Cit Xanh Da Lat

Head lettuce - Sa Lach Bup

Horseradish/white radish - Cu Cai Trang

Jicama - Cu San/Cu Cau

Kohlrabi - Su Hao

Lotus root - Cu Sen

Lotus stalk - Ngo Sen

Mushroom - Nam

Mustard greens - Cai Xanh/Cai Canh Sen/Cai Be Xanh

Okra/Gumbo/Lady’s Finger - Dau Bap

Pak Choy - Cai Be Trang/Cai Dun

Parsley - Rau Mui Tay

Parsnip - Cay Cu Can

Potato - Khoai Tay

Pumpkin - Bi Do Nhat

Spearmint - Rau Hung Lui

Smooth Loofah/Sponge Cucumber/Sponge Gourd - Moup Huong

Snake Gourd - Kho Qua Tay/Muop Ran

Snow Pea/Manage Tout - Dau Ha Land Au Vang

Spinach - Bo soi Da Lat

Squash - bi do/bi ro

Sweet potato - khoai lang

Taro - khoai mon sap

Taro - khoai mon so

Taro leaf stem - bac ha

Tomato - ca chua

Water lily stalk/flower - ngo sung

Water mimosa - rau nhuc/rau rut/rau nhut

Watercress - sa lach son dang

Watercress - sa lach son

Wax gourd - bi xanh/bi dao

Winged bean - dau rong

Yam - Khoai mai

Yam - khoai mo

Yardlong bean - dau dua

Yellow onion - cu hanh


Acerola - Xe-Ri

Apple – Tao

Avocado – Bo/Le Dau

Banana – Chuoi

Bilimbi – Khe Tau

Breadfruit – Sake

Buddha’s hand - Phat Thu

Cempedak – Mit To Nu

Cherries – Anh Dao

Chinese Jujube – Tau

Coconut – Dua

Custard Apple – Mang Cau-Na

Durian - Sau Rieng

Grape – Nhon

Grapefruit – Buoi

Green Dragon Fruit -Thanh Long

Green star apple - Vu Sua

Gooseberry – Chum Ruot

Guava - Oil

Jackfruit - Mít

Jambolan – Voi Rung

Kaffir lime – Truc

Kumquat – Quat

Langsat - Bon Bon

Lemon – Chanh Tay/Chanh Num

Lime – Chanh Vo Mong

Longan - Nhan

Loquat – Ti Ba Diep/Nhot Nhat Ban

Lychee - Vai

Malay apple - Cay Dao/Cay Roi

Mandarin - Cay Quyt

Mango - Xoai

Mangosteen - mang cụt

Nectarine - Xuan Dao

Oriental Pear - Le

Papaya - Du Du

Passionfruit - Dao Tien/Qua Lac Tien

Peach - Dao

Persimmon - hong

Phuc Trach Sweet Polemo - Buoi Duong Phuc Trach

Pineapple – Dua

Pitaya - dragon fruit - Thanh long

Plantain - Chuoi Bom

Pomegranate - Lu’u

Pomelo - bưoi

Plum - Man

Rambutan - Chom Chom

Rose apple - Gioi/Man Dà Lạt

Salty preserved plums - Xi Muoi

Sapodilla - Hong Xiem/Xa-Po-Che

Soursop - Mang Cau Xiem

Spondias cytherea; see Spondias genus - Coc

Star fruit - Khe

Star apple - Vu Sua

Strawberry - Dau Tay

Sweet Orange - Cam

Sweetsop - Na/Mang Cau

Tamarind - Trai Me

Tomato - Cà Chua

Velvet apple - Hong Nhung

Water apple - Man

Water coconut - Dua-Nuoc

Watermelon - Dưa Huong

Wongi - Gang-Neo

Wood apple - Can Thang


Basil - Rau Que

Centella - Rau Ma

Chilies - O’t

Chinese celery - Can Tay

Chinese chives flower - He Bong

Cilantro - Rau Gai

Coriander - Ngo Ri

Crab claw herb - Cang Cua

Crinkle-leaved mint - Rau Hung Lui

Fish Mint - Rau Dap Ca

Galangal - Cu Rieng

Garlic Chili - Toi Ot

Ginger - Cu Gung

Houttuynia cordata - Giap Ca or Diep Ca

Indian borage - Hung Chanh

Japanese Mint - Rhung Que

King-guy-soy - Kinh Gioi/Canh Gioi

La mo -Tam The

Leek/green onion - Ba Ro

Lemon grass - Cay Xa

Lime leaves/Kalamansi leaves - La Lhanh

Mint - Hung Lang, Hung, Hung Lui

Pandanus/Pandan - La Dua


Onion - Cu Hanh Tay

Rice Paddy Herb - Ngo Om

Sawtooth coriander - Ngo Gai

Scallion - Kieu

Shallot - Cu Hanh Do/Cu Hanh Nho

Spring onion - Hanh La

Tamarind - Me

Thai basil - Húng Que

Turmeric - Cu Nghe

Water hisso - Prau Dang Ruot Ga

Water drop-wort - Can Nuoc

Wild pepper - La (tieu) Lot/Tat Bat

Pandan Cheesecake with Pandan Custard

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My family members from nowhere wanted some unique cheesecake. They even suggested some pastries for View more