Baked Dijon Mustard Cod Nuggets

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This is one of my husband’s favorite fish dish and just because he loves them with mustard. It has a little spicy taste but not too much spiced. This is a very easy dish to bake as long as making sure the nuggets are well covered before baking. Oh!!! if you prefer it fried, you can go ahead and do it.




3 pounds cod fillet, cut into cubes

5 large eggs, lightly beaten

3 cups bread crumbs

½ cup Corn Flakes crumbs

1 lemon juice

Salt and black pepper to taste

½ cup Dijon mustard

½ cup plain Greek yogurt

1 cup whole milk



Preheat oven to 400°F. Grease or line a baking pan without/with parchment paper. Set aside.

Combine the eggs, Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard, whole milk in a shallow deep dish and whisk until well combined and set aside. In another shallow dish add with bread crumbs and set aside.

In another large dish with the cod cubes season with salt and black pepper and squeeze the lemon over the cod. Add the cod mixture into the egg mixture. Fish the cod cubes with a tong or fork making sure the excess liquid is drained out and then toss them into the breadcrumbs. (You must make sure that the cod pieces are well adhere to the breadcrumbs.) Transfer to the prepared baking pans. Continue working the same procedure in batch until all the cod pieces are done.

Place each prepared cod nugget about an inch apart from each other on the prepared baking pans. Bake for 15-18 minutes. Serve with your favorite dip.

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