Black Forest Ham Sandwich

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There are many ways of making a sandwich with different types of bread. It can be filled with vegetables, roasted meats, deli meats, fish and seafood, fruit jams and preserves. You can have it toasted or untoasted, fried and grilled. It is also known as finger food. Most of the time, sandwiches are mainly served during lunchtime and sometimes served at dinner. It is a very easy and commonly served in western culture.




Spread some mayonnaise/horseradish mustard/grainy mustard on a thick bun/slice of rye or crusty whole wheat/white bread, toasted or untoasted, on both sides. Top the bottom with a few thinly shaved mini cucumbers, next sliced tomatoes, then a leaf iceberg lettuce, followed by thick slices Black Forest ham and a Baby Swiss cheese; close the sandwich. Sliced and serve with some chips or French fries.


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