Coconut Glutinous Rice Ball with Coconut Sugar Syrup

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This is also one of my favorite Southeast Asian desserts. It is very easy to make and easily available at any marketplace. This dessert is served in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. The flavor comes from the coconut milk and Gula Melaka (palm sugar) that you cannot get this sugar in many countries in the West that easily. Anyway, if you cannot get this kind of sugar, just replace them with dark brown sugar or Japanese brown sugar.



For the Rice Balls:

3 cups glutinous rice, cooked

1½ tablespoons raw sugar

1½ cups grated fresh/frozen white coconut, if frozen, thaw


For the Syrup:

½ cup coconut milk

¾ Gula Melaka (palm sugar)

¾ teaspoon fine salt



Place the cooked glutinous rice in a mixing bowl, stir in the raw sugar until well combined. Scoop rice mixture with a ice-scoop and roll into a 1-inch diameter ball. Roll the finished glutinous rice ball into the grated coconut. Transfer to a serving platter. Continue the same process for the rest of the rice mixture.

Heat a small saucepan with coconut milk, salt and gula Melaka (palm sugar) over medium heat and bring to 190°F. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 15-18 minutes or until coconut milk mixture is lightly thickened and like syrup but not burn.

Place finished rice balls on a serving platter and pour over the coconut gula Melaka syrup and serve.


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