Dried Red Beans

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Red Beans are also known as Azuki beans and are widely grown throughout East Asia. Most red beans are grown in the north-east Asia. In East Asian cuisine the red beans are usually eaten sweetened. The beans are boiled with sugar until totally softened into a paste…known as red bean paste, a very common ingredient to use as filling in Chinese desserts like mooncakes and tangyuan (rice balls) to name a few. This filling is also used for Japanese sweets like taiyaki and daifuku. There is also another common dessert known as red bean soup. It consists of red beans, sugar, a pinch of salt, dry orange skin, and water and cooked until red beans are soft and tender.
Beans have a good amount of fiber and are also high in protein, iron and complex carbohydrates. The beans are usually available in dried form. It should be rinsed and soaked before cooking. Soaking cuts down on cooking time and will help the beans hold their shape.

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