Durian Kuih Cara Manis

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Kuih Cara Manis is one of the most popular snacks in Southeast Asia especially Malaysia and Singapore. It is easy available at any pasar malam (Night market), street hawkers and food courts. You can even make them in pandan flavor or chocolate flavor. My favorite is with durian but most of the us in the West will not really enjoy them with durian. Most of us here will complain about the smell as many of us could not stand the smell.

When going up in Singapore, I remembered my aunt is very good in making these cakes and the best part is that she sells them at pasar malam (night markets). I learned a lot of snacks from her when I was 10 years old. Even at this age I still remember her teaching on most of her recipes. This is one of yours but I made a couple of changes…pandan flavor to durian, granulated sugar to raw sugar. I invited her over sometime to taste my baking/cooking. She was very kind and always gave me a thumb-up.




1½ cups flour

2 small eggs

Pinch of salt

135g durian flesh (pulp)

1¼ cups coconut milk

1½ teaspoon canola/vegetable/corn oil

1-2 drops yellow food color

1-2 tablespoon sugar (adjust to your preference of sweetness)

Canola/vegetable/corn oil for deep-frying



Preheat oven to 375°F. Heat a iron/tin casted Cara mould in oven until use.

Blend the durian pulps (flesh) in a blender, then eggs, coconut milk, flour, salt and food coloring. Blend until smooth and well combined.

Remove the heated Cara mould from the oven and brush it with some canola/vegetable/corn oil all around each hole. Pour the durian batter on the each hole to ¾ full. Return the filled Cara mould to the heated oven and bake until golden brown. To test the doneness, use a toothpick and inserted into the center and it comes out clean it is done. Remove from oven and remove each kueh (cake) to a serving plate/platter.


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2 Responses to Durian Kuih Cara Manis

  1. Serene says:

    Can advise how to convert this into pandan flavor version instead of durian version.

    • mbbhasin says:

      Hi Serene, So sorry for the late response. You may replace the durian pulp with one packet of Lobo Thai Custard Pandan Flavor Mix and also remember to reduce the raw sugar amount to your desire sweetness. Do remember to change the yellow food color to Koepoe-Koepoe Brand Pandan Paste. Thank you so much for your interest in my website.

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