Ginger Tea

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In Asian culture, they love ginger in their cooking and drinking. Ginger adds a special flavor and zest to their stir-fries and soups. Historically, ginger has a long tradition of being very effective in relieving gastrointestinal distress and also modern time also revealed that ginger also possesses antioxidant effects.

It is very easy to use ginger. Simply remove the skin from fresh ginger and peel with a paring knife. You may also leave the skin and use it directly. You can sliced, minced, crushed or julienned it. The taste of the ginger depends when you added during the cooking process. If you added in the beginning, it will have a subtler flavor and if you add near the end will produce a more pungent taste.

Chinese cooking requires not as much as Indian cooking. Almost every dish in Indian food has ginger in it whether it is in fresh or powder form. I used a lot of fresh and powdered ginger in my cooking as I married to a Punjabi family for more than 40+ years.

This tea is a wonderful drink for a cold wintry day or even a warm/hot day especially in Asia. You can have them with/without milk but I avoided milk completely, so I use plain soy milk in my tea drink.




2 tablespoons loose black tea leaf/2 bags Lipton Tea or any brand of your desires

1 thumb size skinless, crushed ginger

3 cups whole milk/2% or plain soy milk (lukewarm temperature)-(Optional)

3 cups water

4 tablespoons raw sugar/1½ tablespoons honey, more if you like it very sweet



Heat a saucepan with water and crushed ginger over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil, add loose black tea leaves/teabags and reboil for another a minute or two; and then add milk or soy milk, if used. When it boils, remove from heat and remove teabags/strain with a sieve. Add sugar/honey and serve.



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