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This is a very easy cocktail drink to make and serves at any occasion. I am not a drinker and have never taste any alcohol in my whole life – why is that so? Well, I am allergy to alcohol and I do not know how it is like but my husband, son and a good friend of ours tasted this drink and they approved. Well, we are serving this cocktail drink and Champagne for the New Year Day for those who can drink and for me I will be having Cranberry Sparkling drink.


Makes 12 servings

18oz rum
3oz lime juice
3oz orange juice
36oz ginger ale

3 tablespoons minced candied ginger (I got them from Trader Joe’s)



In a cocktail glass add ¼ teaspoon minced candied ginger bites. In a glass jug with rum, lime juice and orange juice with some ice and stir to combined well and strain into the prepared cocktail glass evenly and top which glass with ginger ale.


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