Glutinous Rice Roll with Spicy Shrimp and Coconut

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This is one of my favorite rice cake snacks. In my late granny’s home when they have family gatherings or birthday parties. She will made the dried shrimp stuffing very spicy but of course, at time she had them mild too. It is a very easily to make these rolls. My late mom had passed her recipe to me and I do make them very often as I love them very much and would like to share with all of you.




450g glutinous rice, soaked overnight, rinse and drained well

375g “Choice Brand or any brand of your desire” or fresh coconut milk

1 1/8 teaspoons salt

5 pandan leaves, knotted

30 pieces dried/fresh butterfly peas (Bunga Telang) to produce a natural blue color dye. If unavailable, just simply use blue food coloring. If using dried butterfly pea simply add 2-3 tablespoons water and soak. Once you get the desire blue color, discard the flower. When using fresh butterfly pea flowers, pound with a pestle and mortar with 1 tablespoon water. Squeeze

30 pieces (7x5inch each) banana leaf, cleaned and scald with hot water to soften



6 tablespoons good quality dried shrimp, soaked with hot water, drained and finely pound

150g desiccated white coconut

1½ tablespoon raw sugar/granulated sugar (I prefer raw sugar)

¾ teaspoon pink salt/sea salt/fine salt (I prefer pink salt (Himalaya Salt))

8 tablespoon canola/vegetable/corn oil


Sambal Paste:

6 small shallots, peeled

22 dried chilies, soaked in hot water, drained well

2 fresh red finger chilies

3 stalks lemongrass, removed dried leaves and the roots

¾ teaspoon turmeric powder



Heat a steamer with water over medium-high heat and bring to a boil.

In a mixing bowl, combine glutinous rice, pandan leaf knots and coconut milk and stir well and transfer to a round cake pan and place onto the steamer rack and steam over high heat for about 25-30 minutes or until the rice is fully cooked.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling for the rice mixture. Heat a wok/frying pan with canola/vegetable/corn oil over medium-high heat, add the sambal ingredients. Then add the dried shrimps and continue cooking for 5 minutes and add the desiccated white coconut. Stir the mixture well and cook until dry but a little moist. Season the shrimp filing with salt and raw sugar. Heat off and set aside to cool.


Assemble the rice rolls:

Place 2-2½ tablespoons cooked glutinous rice and spread evenly onto a blanched banana leaf. Add a tablespoon dried shrimp filling in the middle and spread in on top of the glutinous rice. Take one side and roll up to form a cylinder shape. Then at both end of the cylinder and secure both sides with toothpick or staple.

Return to the steamer and steam for another 10 minutes or grill the glutinous rice rolls on low heat on a coal fire/broil the glutinous rice rolls on a broiler of the oven for 10-12 minutes. Serve warm or cold. (I prefer warm). Well, I did mine by steaming.


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