Habanero Hot Pepper Seafood Gumbo

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It is a great all year round dish with lots of fresh seafood and meat in it to serve your family members can never go wrong. This is one of my favorite anytime dishes. I love chicken, crabmeat, sausage, shrimp in my gumbo. It does cost quite a bit to make! The foundation of any great Gumbo is the Roux. One thing that is in every great gumbo is okra, the thickener for the dish. If you do not like okra substitute with cornstarch or Gumbo File Powder. Gumbo is traditionally served over rice. I know this is a long process in making it but it is so worth the time and effort!


8-10 Servings
5 tablespoons canola oil
¾ cup All Purpose flour
1 large (1¾ cups) green bell pepper, chopped
1¾ cups cup green onion, chopped
1 large (1¾ cups) red onion, chopped
1¼ cups celery heart, chopped
2 tablespoons Habanero hot pepper, chopped (Reduce if you wants less hot)
2 tablespoons chili powder (optional)
5 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped
3 tablespoons curly parsley, cleaned and chopped
1½ can (14.5 oz) can diced tomatoes
3 4” long fresh sprigs thyme
3 bay leaves
1¼ cups cubed cooked ham
2 quarts “Kitchen Basic” Seafood Stock
5 teaspoons Original Tabasco Brand pepper sauce
2½ tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2½ teaspoons salt
¾ pound small shrimp, shelled and deveined
½ pound small scallops, cleaned
1 pound cooked Longostino tails
½ pound claw crab meat
1½ tablespoons Gumbo File (optional)
8 cups cooked plain rice

In a large soup pot over medium high heat, add canola oil and heat well. Stir in the flour and combine with the oil well. Stirring constantly to prevent from burning, and cook until roux turns brown and have a nutty fragrant. Add chopped garlic and stir fry with roux for about 1 minute.

Add chopped bell pepper, green onion, red onion, celery, parsley, Habanero hot pepper and chili powder and cook for 8-12 minutes or until all the ingredients are tender. Add seafood stock, cubed cooked ham, diced tomatoes, thyme, bay leaves, salt, “Tabasco” pepper sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Reduce heat to low and uncovered; and simmer for about 35-40 minutes.

After 40 minutes or so, bring the heat to medium high and add shrimps, scallops, cooked Longostino tails and claw crab meat and simmer 8-12 minutes or until the shrimps and scallops are cooked. Discard the thyme and bay leaves. Add Gumbo File powder after they are cooked just before serving. Serve gumbo with/without cooked rice.

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