Hong Kong Style Yinyeung Tea-Coffee

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Growing up in Singapore, I remembered this hot beverage very well because of my late mom. My mom loved this hot beverage, she would asked me to go to the Kopi Tiam (coffee-shop) to purchase this beverage. I remembered just telling the shopkeeper “half and half” with/without sugar or milk or both; and also light/strong flavor. She loved simple black tea and sometime this beverage is needed to boost her strength. With this drink, it will make her get through the day at work. Well, I do not know how this drink taste like (I am more a tea drinker and have not taken coffee in any forms in my entire life) and one of my friends is my taster…loved it. I am sure some of my friends in Southeast Asian countries might know about this beverage. So give it a try…
6 teaspoons raw sugar/honey, divided
6 tablespoons evaporated milk, divided (optional)
Tea and Coffee Brew:
5 cups water
5 teaspoons tea leaves/teabags
4 cups very strong coffee (by brewing from coffee powder/prep from instant freeze-dried coffee (Maxwell House brand) – divided
How to brew the tea…
Heat a pot with water over medium-high heat and bring to a boil. Steep the tea leaves/teabags in the hot water for about 2-5 minutes (according to your preference). Remember not to over steep the tea more than 5 minutes because it will become bitter in taste. Strain and discard the tea leaves.
Meanwhile, prepare the coffee according to your way preparation. Just make sure you need strong cup of coffee.
To set up the beverage:
Pour half cup of hot tea and half cup of hot strong coffee into a cup/mug. Add 1-1¼ teaspoons raw sugar and 1-1½ tablespoons evaporated milk (according to your preference; if you like it black, just omit the sugar and milk.) Give the mixture a good stir and serve on a mug or glass.
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