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First of all, I like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a “Happy Chinese New Year filled with lots of blessings, good health and prosperity”.



Secondly, I would like to say sorry to all my supportive friends, relatives, readers and members that I have been silenced for the last five months. Most of you know that I always been a constant writer and posting my recipes every couple of days for the past eight years to share my passion. This year, I can say that I had slow down in my posting judging from the numbers of post in my Archive.

In the year of 2017 and around the end of January, I was down with a severe cold and it ended all the way into February. In July, I was busy with my son’s wedding, then in September, getting my three great nephews to school (Pre-K and K) and help the family daily in doing some light home chores. Then early in November, I fall sick again with a minor cold and now fighting with my sinus. Other than that I am well.

During my five months of absence it was so difficult to really concentrate on my cooking and write my post. Also during the past holidays season, I did hosted a Thanksgiving meal but not Christmas time. Anyway, I will try in the next few months to post as much as I could. I hope you all will revisit my website as much as you have always supported me.


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