Ice Kacang (Shaved Ice and Bean)

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My girlfriend, Takako gave my son a present when we were moving to Clearwater, Florida in the 1999. Recently, as I was unpacking some of our boxes which belong to my son as he is now a grown up man and most of the stuffs he does not need anymore. While I was looking through, I found this ice shaver, so I decided to use it.

I went out that afternoon to the store to gather some ingredients to prepare this dessert. Well, I manage to get what I needed and the rest is history.

Before I start off the recipe, I would like to describe this dessert. In Southeast Asia like Singapore and Malaysia and the neighboring countries, it is a very popular dessert to have as you know that these countries are very close to the equator and also surrounded by oceans. This created very high humidity every day. So it makes you very warm and always looking for something to cool off. It is a very creative and unique dessert that you might not be able to find them elsewhere, I think.

Ice kacang is also known as Air Batu Campur and to break it up the meaning for “Air Batu” , it is basically means “Ice” and “Campur” means “Mix”. It is basically made up of some sweeten ingredients like beans, fruits, jellies, cream corns and you can fills whatever your desire and then top it up with a large amount of fine shaved ice and drizzle with colorful syrup of your desire and finished it up with some evaporated milk.

Well, you most of the ingredients you can get them from a well stocked Asian grocery stores or some of the ingredients are available at any National supermarkets. You do not have to follow exactly to the recipes, just do what you are available to you.




A few blocks of ice, freeze water in Ziploc 1¾ cup container

Ice-Shaver machine



1 small bottle each of red, green and yellow sugar syrup or of your choice or just rose syrup

1 bottle Gula Melaka Syrup



2 cans dark/light kidney beans, cook with some raw sugar until well caramelized

2 cans sweetened red bean paste

1 bottle palm seeds

1 large can creamed sweet corn

1 large can crushed pineapple

1 block Jelly Asian-Style, diced



You can pick any one of the stuffing ingredients to be your topping.



How to assemble the Ice-Kacang

Place two teaspoonful of each of the stuffing into a serving bowl.

Then place the ice in the ice-shaver and shave some fine ice on top of the pre-filled serving bowl. Use your hand and lightly compact the shaved ice and top more shaved ice to your desire amount. Then drizzle some palm syrup, colored sugar syrup, evaporated milk (as for me, I do not like milk on mine) and top it with 1 tablespoon of the any of the stuffing ingredients. Serve immediately.


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