Lychee Thai Iced Tea

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When I was visiting Thailand in 2014, my friend, Nock introduced me to this beverage and I love the fragrant of the tea leaves. His housekeeper was so friendly and gentle fixed me a cup of hot Thai tea without milk for breakfast. I often do not like my tea with cream/milk as it often overtake the taste of tea.

Also, I also saw many restaurants’/street hawkers selling this beverage too. I did try it while I was visiting. This beverage is so easy to make and also a cool beverage to drink in the hot summer over here.

Many of you in the Western parts of the world might not know what is “Lychee”. It is a fruit that most South/Southeast Asia countries love this unique fruit. It has a very unique taste that many of us could not be able to describe it. It has a floral taste like some sorts of rose or grape or even watermelon or pear. It size is like a golf ball and the skin is rough and bumpy. When these fruits are ripen, the skin is beautifully red color and the fresh is off-white and translucent with a large brown seed in the center. It can be available in fresh or canned. Most parts of Asian get them in fresh form and other in cans.




1 can Lychee in syrup

2 Thai Tea Teabags (any kinds of your favorite tea)

2 cups hot water


For Sweetening:

¼ cup raw sugar/granulated sugar (I used raw sugar)

¼ cup boiling hot water

2 drops clear pandan leave extract (optional)



In a heavy jug/pot with 2 Thai Tea teabags (or your favorite tea) and pour 2 cups hot water and leave it to brew for 10-12 minutes. Then discard the teabags away.

Meanwhile, in a small milk/sauce jug, add in the raw sugar/granulated sugar and pour in the boiling hot water and stir vigorously to dissolve completely.

Also getting the lychee fruits ready if you are using fresh. Peel of the skins of the fruit and remove the seed from the center. If using canned lychee, simply open and drain half of the syrup away and save the fruits and remaining syrup.

Place the tea, lychee fruit and saved remaining syrup in a pitcher or put one/two lychee and water in each tall beverage glasses over some ice.


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