Middle-Eastern Style Pickled Turnip

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A few days ago, I tasted this pickle and it was totally so different from the Asian pickles. It does not have some sweetness at all but just sour and salty. I was so curious to learn how this made. I just simply asked one or two of my Jewish friends and they just simply give me a brief introduction without the measurement. After a few try in two sessions and I managed to come up with this recipe.




3 pounds turnips, peeled/unpeeled and cut into 1” (inch) cubes

2 medium beets, peeled/unpeeled and cut into  1” (inch) cubes

3 Bay leaves

5 cloves garlic, peeled and coarsely chopped

1½ cups white vinegar

½ cup salt

4½ cups water



Place water, Bay leaves and salt in a large pan and heat over medium heat, stir the water until salt dissolved.  Remove and set aside to cool completely. Add the white vinegar into the boiled salted water and stir until combined.

Prepare a large pickle glass bottle with a air-tight fitting lid and add the beet cubes and turnip cubes. Scattered the chopped garlic and close the lid and set aside to pickle for 5-6 days.

Refrigerate before serving. These pickles can be refrigerated up to a month. It goes well as garnishes with the salad. Just eat them as it is.



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