Nyonya Pandan Kaya French Toast

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If you like Nyonya desserts, you will like this snack. It is very easy recipe to make and you can use store-ready kaya or make your own to fill the toast and done in a jiffy. It is also a very delightful dish to serve during breakfast or teatime. Nyonya desserts are my favorite and can have them at any time of the day. Anyway, I am going to serve these toasts during the holiday season.

I remembered growing up in a big Peranakan family in Singapore with 18 uncles and aunties (my late mom’s sisters and brothers) and now maybe about 6 aunties left are very good cooks. Whenever I visit my hometown, my elderly aunties will still teach me the skills of making Nyonya dishes which I have not learn from the family. Most of my nieces are not interested in cooking and there were no one to take over the family’s recipes even my own siblings. But I am blessed that I can share my passion in food with the rest of the world.




8 slices store-ready precut thick Texas bread (or unsliced sandwich loaf bread and cut into ¾ inch thick)

1 bottle store-ready Nyonya Egg Kaya Jam or Homemade Kaya (See recipe below)




15 fresh large brown/white eggs (I preferred brown)

2¼ cups undiluted coconut milk

2 cups raw sugar/granulated sugar (I preferred the raw sugar, healthier and do not be alarm if the end result might be a little yellowish-brown color)

2 knotted pandan leaves or McCormick colorless pandan extract or pandan paste, if all unavailable, add some rose extract



Heat a double-boiler with hot water over medium-low heat. Place the egg onto the top boiler and beat with a wire whisk; place the top boiler into the double-boiler. Keep stirring making sure that the egg mixture are not cook into scramble eggs. If it is too hot, remove the top boiler from the steam. Add raw sugar/granulated sugar and stir until combine well with the egg mixture. When the sugar begin to dissolve, gradually stir in the coconut milk and the knotted pandan leaves/McCormick colorless pandan extract/pandan paste or last resort rose extract. Continuously keep stirring the egg mixture.

When the egg mixture is heated up, remove from heat and strain with a fine sieve into a bowl and then return to the same top boiler and back to the medium-low heat, stirring the strained egg mixture for about 1½ to 2 hours. The egg mixture will eventually begin to thick into a consistency thick paste. Remove top-boiler to cool and transfer to a sterilized glass jar.


Egg Wash Mixture


8 large eggs

160ml whole milk

A pinch of salt and raw sugar

80g salted butter, softened or canola/vegetable/corn oil



Powdered sugar

Pure Maple Syrup

Pancake Syrup



Whisk the eggs, Homo milk/coconut milk, salt and raw sugar together in a medium mixing bowl. Set aside.

Lay the sandwich bread slices on a flat surface like the counter top/cutting board. Spread 1tablespoon egg kaya jam on four pieces of the sandwich alternatively like spread #1 skip #2 spread #3 skip #4 and so on. Cover the first with the second slice and so on and you will end up with only 4 sandwiches.

Heat a large non-stick pan/grill with some butter/oil over medium heat. Dip one at a time the prepared kaya sandwich into the egg mixture and transfer to the heated pan/grill. Do not overcrowd the pan/grill and leaving some room for easy handling. Pan-fry until light golden brown on both sides and the egg mixture is well set. Continue the cooking until all the sandwiches are done.

Remove to a serving plate and serve it with any of the syrup.



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