Pomelo Salad

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Last summer, when I was visiting my son in New York City, I prepared this dish by using pink grapefruit and it turned out wonderfully. It was very refreshing under the hot and humid weather. It is very easy and in no time you will have a wonderful salad to serve to all your guests.

There were some ideas came through my mind at this time. I thought to myself that this dish can be recreated and serve during the Spring Festive celebrations (we are talking about Chinese New Year). It is like something called “Yee San Salad” but it is much easier, less costly and quick to make in any family and can be served anytime of the days. So, I am intending to include this salad in my coming Reunion Dinner. I will be substituting the ingredient to pomelo instead grapefruit segments. Give this a try and I can assure your family will love them. It is a very healthy dish too.



3 whole pomelo , peeled and remove seeds if any, separate the meat into segments

8 Shiso leaves, finely chopped


Sugary Syrup:

¾ cup water

¾ cup raw sugar



1/3 teaspoon wasabi paste

1/8 teaspoon fine salt

5 tablespoons EV olive oil



Heat a sauce pan with raw sugar and water over medium heat and bring to a boil and stir until the raw sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and set aside to cool and chill in the refrigerator for 45-60 minutes.

Place the sugar syrup into a blender with wasabi paste, fine salt, chopped shiso and olive oil and blend until well combined.

Spoon a couple spoonful of the dressing onto a serving plate and place 5-6 grapefruit segment onto the dressing and top with a shiso leaf.


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