Raspberry Hot Cocoa

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I made this hot drink during the holidays and I found it is very suitable for as most of us in the United States, Europe and Northern parts of Asia are having chilly or cold weather and this is a welcome drink to warm the heart. It is a homemade drink and you can adjust the sweetest of this drink. It makes you feel more joyful and feel the festive.




1/3 cup chopped semisweet chocolate

1½ -2 teaspoons raw sugar

¾ cup unsweetened frozen raspberries, thaw

3 cups whole/2%/1% milk



Heat a saucepan with whole/2%/1% milk over medium heat and bring to when the bubbles form around the edges (Do not bring to a boil).

Meanwhile, place chopped semisweet chocolate, raw sugar and raspberries in a blender; covered. While blending, slowly add hot milk in a steady stream and blend till all combined. Pour onto the fine sieve and strain into a water/milk jug; discard seeds if any and serve. If you prefers warmer/hotter cocoa drink, returns strained raspberry mixture into the same saucepan and mildly warm again.


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