Steamed Mini BBQ Pork Biscuit Buns

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Last week, we invited some friends to come over to our humble home to join us for dinner. So make these mini buns to serve as appetizer and it really turned out beautifully. It is very easy and simple to make them and can be done in a last minute dish too. You do not have to use the same meat as I do, you can use any deli meats like forest ham, smoked ham, roasted pork/beef and chicken, and so on. So give them a try.



Makes 20 mini buns


¼ pound Store-ready Char Siew (BBQ Pork) or Roasted duck/3 layers braised pork (I used BBQ pork slices)

1 whole mini seedless cucumber, thinly julienned

2 stalks green onion, cleaned, root removed and thinly julienned

Cilantro leaves (Coriander leaves)

2 tablespoons Hoisin sauce

2 cans Refrigerated Junior Biscuit



Heat a Chinese steamer or any steamer with some water and bring to a boil. At the same time line all the steamer racks (2-3 tiers) with parchment paper round.

Meanwhile, undo the refrigerated biscuit dough and slit in to half.  Gently fold the halved biscuit into a crescent like. Complete all the dough and place the finished dough on the prepared racks. Do not overcrowd the racks. Transfer to the steamer and steam for 8-10 minutes until puffed.

Heat off and cool a little for easy handling while assembling. If the steamed crescent bun stick tightly together, gently use your fingers to open them or use a knife to cut open.  Spread lightly some Hoisin sauce. Then insert a slice of BBQ pork (Char Siew) in between the steamed bun and garnish with a few strands of cucumber, green onions and cilantro leaves. Lightly press to close. Serve cold or warm. This is another good way to use these as a snack or appetizer.



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