Stir-Fry Chinese Chives and Shrimp in Oyster Sauce

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I have not eaten Chinese Chives (GooChai) for almost 10-15 years since my last trip to Singapore. Well, living in United States there are not many Asian vegetables easily available or find to create traditional dishes as well as there are not very large Asian communities in many American cities.

Last four or five years there is a large number of Chinese are arriving in this part of the world and the Chinatown grew larger and larger, also in NYC there are three Chinatowns. They are Manhattan Chinatown, Brooklyn Chinatown and Flushing (Queens) Chinatown. So the flows of Asian vegetables are now plentiful and with many varieties. So last Friday, we went to Brooklyn Chinatown to get some Jasmine rice and I came across this vegetable, Chinese chives and I brought a bunch. So the rest is history.




1 bunch (about 1½ pound) Chinese chives (GooChai), cut off about an inch of the stem from the bottom and cut them into 2 inch pieces

½ pound medium shrimps, deveined, shelled and butter-flied

3 tablespoons canola/vegetable/corn/olive oil (I used olive oil)



1 tablespoon Seasoning Sauce (I used Gold Mountain Brand)

1 teaspoon light soy sauce

2 tablespoons oyster sauce

1 tablespoon water

Salt to taste

Ground white pepper to taste



Heat the sauté pan or wok with canola/vegetable/corn/olive oil over medium-high heat and once heated up, add the buttered-flied shrimps and stir-fry until pink.

Toss in the Chinese chives and stir for another couple minutes and chives partially wilted. Add in the seasoning ingredients and stir-fry until lightly coated.  Dish out on a serving platter and serve with steamed jasmine rice.


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