Swee Kway Cups (Timbale Cups)

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These special tiny aluminum cups are designed for making Swee Kway. It is impossible to buy these cups from here and need to go all the way to Southeast Asia to get them. Well, do you know how many did I brought…3 dozens. When I was growing up in Upper Serangoon Road area, Singapore, there was an old man who will always came with his wooden cart with a huge Chinese steamer. In his Chinese steamer there were lots of cup filled with ground rice (you can find the post in this site). Next to his Chinese steamer, there is a medium size claypot fully filled with chopped preserved turnips simmering in garlic oil on top of a open charcoal fire clay stove. So, this dish is almost in extinct (I meant, not many hawkers are selling these). I am so fortunate that my late mom and late grandmas share her expertise with me. 


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