Sweet Mung Bean with Sweet Potato and Tapioca Flour Jelly Soup

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A couple of days before I went to New York City, I cooked this dish for the family in Arkansas and glad that I did as the family enjoyed it very much. It is a very common and popular dessert in Southeast Asian countries. The Asians in that parts of the world prefer their Mung Bean prepared sweet instead of savory. You may cook this dish in various styles. This dish was cooked with tapioca/sago pearls, yams/sweet potatoes but you may add in glutinous rice, chestnuts or simple plain.



Serves 10


1½ cups dried mung beans, soaked for at least an hour or two, then drained

7½ cups water

2 sprigs pandan leaf, washed and knotted

6¾ ounces of rock sugar or to taste

1 medium sized sweet potato, peeled and cubes

1 can coconut cream, l used Trader Joe’s brand or any of your choices

1 portion Tapioca flour jelly, see recipe below:

Tapioca flour jelly

150g tapioca flour

¾ cup boiling water

3 drops Red food coloring

3 drops Green food coloring


Place the tapioca flour into a mixing bowl, gradually pouring in boiling water and mix the flour until well combined. Then divide the tapioca dough into 3 equal portions. Leave one plain and one portion add red food coloring and combine well and finally add green food coloring on the remaining ones and combine well. Wait awhile to cool down each portion of the dough and roll it out evenly on a floured surface and cut it into cubes, diamonds or any shape you desired. Set aside on a floured surface.



Place the drained soaked mung beans, water, pandan leaves and rock sugar in a large pot over medium heat and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to simmer and simmer for 20 minutes and then add in the sweet potatoes and continuing for 30 minutes or until mung beans are split opened, sweet potatoes and tapioca jelly are tender. At this time add more sugar for your preferences and stir in the coconut cream/milk.


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