Tonkatsu (Japanese Fried Pork Cutlet)

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Japanese do love frying some of their meat, like chicken, calamari, tofu to name a few. Among all their dishes I preferred their fried pork and calamari the best. Well, a couple days ago, I decide to cook Japanese for my dinner as my son was coming home late from office. I was very satisfy with my meal and as soon as my son stepped in the door, I told him that I did something nice for myself…eating Tonkatsu or pork cutlet. And he answered, can I have some too…of course, I replied back that he had to wait for about 10-15 minutes. He agreed to the timing and the end result, he loved them too.




6 pieces ¾ inch thick lean pork cutlet

1/8 teaspoon Japanese Sansho or ground black pepper

1/8 teaspoon fine salt

2 medium eggs, well beaten

1 cup all-purpose flour

Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)

Thinly shredded cabbage

Some Beni Shoga (shredded pickled ginger slices) – optional



Prep the breading process by placing all-purpose flour in a shallow dish, beaten egg in another dish and last another with the panko (Japanese breadcrumbs).

Place pork cutlet in a plate and season with salt and pepper and dip in flour and shake off the excess, then dip pork cutlet in the eggs and drop into the panko (Japanese breadcrumbs). Press them gently but firmly. Place them onto a parchment paper sheet.

Meanwhile, heat a frying pan with canola/vegetable/corn oil over medium-high canola/vegetable/corn oil. Heat till it is very hot and place the coated cutlet two slices at a time and fry till golden brown all over, about 5-7 minute. Transfer to drain on kitchen paper towels. Continue frying until all the pork fillets are cooked.

To prep, just sliced each fried pork cutlet and assemble in original shape on the plate. Serve with steamed white Japanese rice/Jasmine rice, a stir-fry mixed vegetables and garnish with some pickled ginger slices or some kind of dipping sauce like Worcestershire sauce, mustard or tomato ketchup and soy sauce. Enjoy!


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